Your dental health directly depends on what you consume!

Prodental Clinic Baulkham Hills presents 10 foods & drinks that you must put a limit on

“You are what you eat”

We have all heard this phrase at different points of our lives. 

But how good does it hold?

When it comes to your dental health, it couldn’t be truer! 

You see…

It is a well-established fact that your dental health is instrumental for maintaining good overall health in general. 

In other words, what you consume directly affects your dental health and in turn, directly affects your general health.

It is worth noting that several dental problems arise out of things that people consume.  

At Prodental Clinic Baulkham Hills, we have dealt with countless patients over the years and many of them have had problems which we sourced back to their eating habits. 

Why is your dental health related to what you consume?

The underlying notion behind the relation between what you eat and your dental health is the fact that certain foods and beverages can cause plaque. 

Plaque is the yellow and sticky deposition on the surface of your teeth, and is essentially a hotbed of bacteria produced over time. 

The stickiness of plaque cannot be emphasised enough. It is so sticky that it stubbornly keeps attracting and spreading harmful acids from food and beverages. These acids go on to erode your enamel and causing tooth decay. Prolonged effects of plaque include serious dental conditions such as gum disease, gingivitis, infections, bleeding and even loss of teeth.

So, what makes certain foods and drinks ‘bad’ for your teeth?

The bacteria present in your mouth burns sugars and creates acids from the food and drinks you consume, and uses them as fuel to thrive.

The bacteria literally burns up the sugars and the by-products of this ‘burning’ are acids, which damage your enamel and cause cavities. 

What kinds of foods are harmful to the teeth?

We have particularly stressed on the words “sticky” and “acidic”

Unsurprisingly, those are exactly the kind of foods you need to avoid excessively indulging in, if you want to keep dental problems at bay. 

Right off the bat, foods that are sticky and sugary are bad for your teeth. When these foods stick around in your mouth, they become a hot favourite for bacteria to invade and harm your oral health. 

Acidic foods are no different as they have a severe effect on your tooth enamel. Consuming something like soda on a daily basis is pretty harmful as they are not only acidic, but also contain a lot of sugar in them.

So it goes without saying that certain foods have severe adverse effects on your teeth and have the potential to cause dental problems. 

As a premier dental clinic in Sydney, we have catered to patients from all over Sydney and NSW alike by providing them supreme dental care matching the best in Australia.

With our several years of experience in treating dental issues, a major chunk of those cases were problems originating from excessive consumption of certain foods and drinks.

This write-up presents a list of the 10 most common foods and drinks which have sent people to our beautiful clinic at Baulkham Hills with various dental issues.

Note: It should be noted that the foods we present in our list are not necessarily bad for your health and by no means do we imply that you should completely stay away from them. Too much of anything is bad, and in the same premise, excessive consumption of these foods and drinks are particularly bad for your dental health

With that being said, let’s dive into our list! 

10 Worst Foods & Drinks For Teeth

This honestly shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. 

Candies have it all: it’s sticky (very sticky, in fact) and contains different acids that can really mess around with your teeth. 

It’s sticky enough to not even go away immediately after you wash your mouth. You are better off indulging in a chocolate bar if you’re really craving for candies. At least, it goes away after a thorough rinsing of your mouth. 

There is a good chance that this came across as a surprise to you. 

When you chew bread, your saliva breaks down the inherent starch in bread into sugar. The result is a sticky substance that sticks in your teeth, which invites a host of dental problems.

Soft drinks not only contain sugar, but they are also extremely acidic. These drinks include soda, energy drinks, and even diet soda.

Even though diet soda does not contain sugar, the acidity is high enough to harm your enamel and cause cavities. 

Potato chips have more or less the same adverse effects on your teeth like bread. 

The starch present in potato chips is broken down into sugar and there is a similar development of a sticky substance in your mouth, which results in an invasion of bacteria.

This is probably the most shocking entry in this list?

And when we say ice, we obviously do not refer to simply chilling your drinks with ice cubes. 

We’re referring to chewing them. 

But ice neither contains sugar nor is it acidic, you might say!

Well, chewing on a hard substance like ice leaves your tooth enamel susceptible to physical damage such as cracks, chipping or in rare occasions, even broken teeth. 

So it’s totally okay to have ice cubes in your drink, but refrain from chewing them. This is especially common among children. 

It is a well-known fact that saliva helps to drive away from food particles from your mouth and gives a wet layer to your teeth which helps in keeping acid away. 

Alcohol induces a dry mouth and reduces the natural production of saliva. With a lack of saliva in your mouth, you leave your mouth vulnerable to the collection of food particles and build-up of acids.

Lemon and oranges make for excellent juices and fruits and are popular for their nutritional value. In fact, the Vitamin C present in citrus fruits is excellent for the health of your gums and keeps serious diseases like scurvy away. 

However, the high content of citric acid in these fruits may become overwhelming for your teeth if consumed in excess. 

As such, it is advised to have them along with other foods and rinse your mouth thoroughly after their consumption, be it as a fruit or juice. 

The world’s favorite beverages have not been left behind!

Not only does the consumption of tea and coffee come with the strong potential to stain your teeth but when sweetened, they pave the way for the development of a sticky layer in your mouth.

However, avoiding excessive consumption of these beverages is easier said than done. Therefore, it is strongly advised to thoroughly rinse your mouth after each cup of these beverages. 

Dry fruits, without a doubt, boast of impressive nutritional value. 

But these dehydrated versions are extremely sticky and have a good concentration of sugar in them. As such, it is a common occurrence to have a sticky mass in your mouth even if you have little of them. 

Therefore, you should not only rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating dry fruits but should also brush or floss your teeth. This would ensure that you only derive nutrition and pleasure from indulging in dry fruits, and nothing harmful to your dental health.

Pickles are a secret favorite of many. 

And why not?

Mixing vinegar, delicious veggies, and spices sounds mouth-watering in itself. 

But one simply cannot neglect the extremely high acidic content that pickles inherently have. This acidic content possesses a serious risk to your enamel and can badly erode it. 

As such, rinsing your mouth thoroughly is mandatory after you enjoy pickle. 

So there you have it. 

While there are undoubtedly other foods that are also harmful to your teeth, the ten presented here are the most common. 

We once again stress upon the fact that you shouldn’t, by any means, stop consuming these foods and drinks. 

Too much of a good thing is bad. Similarly, indulging too much in these foods is bad for your teeth. 

So consuming them in limited amounts is totally fine!

Furthermore, it is very important that you rinse your mouth thoroughly after you consume any of these foods (or food in general). 

Rinsing washes away any food particles that might have stuck in your teeth. 

Good oral hygiene is always an excellent practice not just for your oral health, but also your overall health. 

And if you’re teeth are suffering from any dental issues stemming from the consumption of food and drinks, Prodental Clinic Baulkham Hills always ha your back regardless of any dental issue that you might be facing! 

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