There is nothing that can make you 100% immune to dental problems. But there are certain practices that can help reduce the chances of dental problems and improve your dental hygiene as well. 

It is good that you brush your teeth before and after bed but generally, that’s not good enough. Brushing twice a day never guarantees that your smile is safe and healthy. It happens quite often that you follow a proper routine but still are at greater risk of suffering from severe dental issues like soft teeth, gum disease, tooth pain, sensitivity, root canal, dental anxiety, cavities, etc. You need to make sure that you are using the right technique. 

Below explained are 5 ways to improve your Dental Hygiene. Follow them and start working on a healthy smile from today itself.

  1. Brush your teeth well enough

Most of the people don’t brush, they just rush. According to the specialists, one must brush his teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. You are not wrong to argue if you think that two minutes is quite a long time to be engaged in mouth cleansing. But it is not that hard to make it a habit. You will surely face difficulty in the beginning, so it is advised that you listen to short music or a youtube video to entertain your mind. Setting a stopwatch for two minutes can also help ease the process.

  1. Choose the right brush

It is highly recommended that you pick the brush with a small head and bristles so as to reach the remote portions of your mouth. These are the areas where the food residue is most likely to settle and give rise to dangerous dental issues. Generally, small or medium-sized brushes are most suitable for this purpose. 

  1. Clean your brush regularly

It is strictly advised to clean your brush at regular intervals to avoid harmful bacteria to settle on it. This doesn’t require any special cleansing treatment. You just need to rinse you tooth brush thoroughly after use and keep it at a place where it stays dried until  next use. In addition, you must avoid the use of brush covers to prevent harmful bacteria to breed on it and move in your mouth while brushing the teeth.

  1. Change your brush regularly

It doesn’t matter how expensive or high quality tooth brush you use. After a specific period of time, the bristles begin to exploit and that doesn’t serve well in the cleansing of your teeth. So it is fair to replace your brush with a new one every three months.

  1. Apply Mouthwash

It is best to apply mouthwash each time after you brush your teeth. It helps to get rid of the bacteria and food residue from the areas which aren’t cleansed properly by floss or regular brushing. On an advantage, this use of a mouthwash also sets your mouth in a refreshing mood for a major part of the day.

Once again, these practices may be hard to adapt in the beginning but it won’t take much time to bring them into habit. However it is a very small price that you need to pay to maintain a healthy smile.