Laser Dentistry at Prodental Clinic-

Our dental health is of extreme importance and for that we need to regularly visit our dentist for a routine cleaning procedure or anything else related to our mouth.

Out of the many advanced dental procedures, laser dentistry is quickly becoming popular for various reasons.

What is Laser Dentistry?

As we all know that laser produces a thin, intense beam of light. This laser or Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation is extremely effective in dental procedures.

Treatment can be completed in less time by using laser technology. Laser dentistry is an option that is used for several procedures and because of being minimally invasive and painless, this is a great choice for people
who are nervous about going to the dentist for treatment.

Uses of Laser Dentistry:-

Laser Dentistry is used for a number of procedures and we have listed some of those for you below –

1) Removal of tooth decay –

Laser works on removing tooth decay and thus preparing it for

2) Treatment of gum disease –

Laser is used to reshape the gums and to remove bacteria.

3) Biopsy –

Laser is useful in removing and examining tissues, as and when necessary.

4) Teeth Whitening –

The most common uses of laser is to speed up the process of teeth
whitening and help you achieve the most gorgeous smile.

5) Wisdom teeth –

Laser helps in exposing wisdom teeth.

6) Cavity detection –

Laser therapy helps to detect cavities in the teeth much quicker than
other traditional dentistry methods.

7) Sleep Apnea treatment –

This medical condition can be treated through laser by reshaping
the throat and thus resulting in improved breathing.

Pros and Cons of Laser Dentistry :-

This treatment is less invasive, less painful, there is lesser need of
anaesthesia after treatment is done using laser.

Patient experiences less bleeding and there is lower
risk of bacterial infection or tissue damage.

In comparison to these, there are a few disadvantages of this treatment too, such as it’s high cost can be a concern to some.

If your tooth has already had a filling then laser cannot be used. Laser can
sometimes damage tooth pulp and the teeth cannot be prepared for bridges or crown removal with laser treatment.

As we can see, laser dentistry has its advantages and disadvantages but the pros can definitely outweigh the cons as there are many procedures which can be effectively performed using laser.

At Prodental Clinic, we understand that each patient has specific needs, that is why our team of experts is focused and confident about giving you the best treatment.

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