Let’s understand it-

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and so is the world of dental treatments. We now have a
plethora of holistic treatment options, including full mouth rehabilitation.

This treatment is basically a comprehensive rehabilitation job performed by
your dentist on your dental health. The treatment helps to increase the cosmetic appearance of your
teeth and helps to improve your dental health as well.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation treatment can look after the following:-

Dental crown treatment


Dental implants

Bone graft treatment

Dental bonding

Orthodontic braces

Benefits of full mouth rehabilitation :-

1) Improved oral health –

It can significantly improve oral health. The treatment would ensure that your teeth are given the care and supervision they deserve.

Though extensive, once done, you will walk away with better oral health and a smile that
will make your appearance and self-esteem better.

2) Improved and stronger dental structure –

As you grow older, your teeth tend to become weaker and are prone to damage. This damage will continuously have a major effect on tooth oral health, leading to constant issues.

It can save your teeth in time by giving them the pampering and care they require as you grow old.

3) Attractive smile –

Don’t we all know that it guarantees an attractive smile? Once you are done with the treatment, you will regain your gorgeous smile.

Even though it is different from a full smile makeover, it will improve the cosmetic appearance of
your face.


Here, at Prodental Clinic, we have been performing full mouth rehabilitation for years. If you are interested in any of our services or treatments, then do get in touch with our team at 02 96399555.

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