A dental bridge is a permanent fixture of one or more false teeth that are used to fill the gaps by replacing the missing teeth in your mouth. Your dentist will place this high-quality fixture in the place where you have your missing teeth. This procedure helps in restoring the look and function of your mouth. This dental bridge is designed to look like natural teeth and provide complete support to the surrounding teeth so that they do not get drifted with time. Your dentist will fix a dental crown over the adjacent teeth to provide support to your bridge. Crown and bridges are usually manufactured either on-site using the CEREC technology or off-site in the dental lab. 

The traditional dental bridge cost in Australia is around $3000-$5000 for a 3-unit fixture and $900-$1800 for two crowns. In addition to this, the cost of pontic or fake tooth ranges from $800-1200. In every way, dental bridges are expensive. Even after the high price, a dental bridge is considered a convenient option for several people because of the quality of being a permanent alternative to dentures. Moreover, dental bridge cost in Australia is lesser than the implants and emerge as a reliable option for tooth problems. 

Benefits of dental bridges 

There are several benefits associated with using dental bridges. These include: 

Factors determining the dental bridge cost in Australia 

There are several factors which determine the price of your dental bridges, these include: 

Size of the dental bridge: The size of the bridges is one of the biggest factors that determines the dental bridge cost in Australia. The number of false teeth required during the procedure determines its cost instead of the missing ones that need to be replaced. The most commonly used bridges are the three units one that involves the support of two crowns to replace a missing tooth with a false one. If in case, two teeth are missing, then it will need a four-unit bridge which means an increase in the dental bridge cost in Australia. Although, pontics costs less than crowns as they do not require much effort in their production. 

Materials of dental bridge: the cost of dental bridges depends on various factors. Out of those, one of the most common factors is the material used, which depends on the preference of the people. The material used in making the dental bridge will have some impact on the efforts required by the lab technician in making them. It depends on the person whether they are comfortable with an all-metal crown or a porcelain fused to metal crown. The porcelain crown dental bridge cost in Australia is higher as compared to the porcelain fused to metal crown as it comes as a more cosmetic option. 

Technician/ ceramist: A more experienced and professional dentist comes at a higher price. The amount of artistic and technical skills devoted to making the dental bridge with add on in increasing the dental bridge cost in Australia. Well, it is important to have a good fit and natural-looking bridge for your mouth, which means the higher the expectation, the higher will be the price. 

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