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We all know that every area of your body is susceptible to infection, including your mouth, so we are here today to give you an overview of your gum infection. In your mouth, infected gums not only can be painful but can cause severe conditions such as periodontal disease and other gum problems. 

Periodontal disease affects your mouth just below the gum line in the V-shaped crevice between your tooth and gums, known as the sulcus. Health of sulcus has major impact on your tooth and causes tissue to break down if exposed to an unhealthy environment. Bacteria in the sulcus causes infection, which results in a severe gum condition and can impact the gum line.

Gum Infection Symptoms 

Gum infections aren’t extremely common but if it happens, it needs to be treated promptly. Most of us keep our teeth healthy and infection-free by maintaining good hygiene and visiting our dentist on regular intervals. But if there is any lapse in care, dental problems like cavities and gum disease can creep in. Now it is important to identify warning signs that can lead to infected gums to help you prevent and all the side effects. Here are some of the signs suggesting gum diseases – 

Common Signs for Infected Gums:

  1. Gums that become swollen, bleed and tender.
  2. Receding gums
  3. Pus from the gums is just the worst.
  4. Chronic bad breath
  5. Loosen teeth
  6. Some noticeable teeth breakage

If you have any symptoms, it is important to consult your doctor to determine the severity of that infection and take proper action against that problem.

Gum Infection Treatments

As soon as you notice an infection in your gums, it is important to consult your dentist. Once it is is diagnosed properly, you will receive numerous treatment options that will help you in the severity of infection. Here are some common methods and treatments for gum infections:  

  • Antibiotic Therapy

Antibiotics are often used for the treatment of gum infections, but the doctor should recommend them. Your dentist may elect to choose an antibiotic coverage besides draining the infection site. 

  • Deep clean  

A deep teeth cleaning or gum therapy is usually referred to by your dentist as gum treatment and root planing, is a dental procedure designed to clean between the teeth and gums all the way down to the roots. 

  • Gingivectomy

It is a form of gum infection treatment that involves the removal of gum tissue where recontouring of gums is done using laser at Prodental clinic. 

  • Flap Surgery

If your gum infection is severe, flap surgery may be necessary, involving bone or tissue grafts.

How to Prevent Gum Infection?

Risk of gum infections can be significantly reduced by maintaining good dental hygiene, e.g. brushing and flossing on a daily basis and going for regular teeth cleanings on a six-month basis. Prodental clinic offers gap free dental check up and cleans with all the health fund.

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