If someone is experiencing pain while chewing food or if your tooth becomes sensitive
with hot or cold water, there is a possibility that you might have a crack tooth.

Any pain with a cracked tooth tends to come and go. It becomes more challenging and
you have to visit your nearby dentist especially if it is very small. Cracks and Fractures
are not common in your teeth, and you can find them easily.

But somehow, if a crack is suspected, steps are taken. To diagnose it, you need to perform some extra measures, and various tests are performed. People usually don’t know about the cracked tooth.

Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth will not necessarily cause any symptoms but sometimes you might get it
without even realizing it.

However, if you notice the symptoms, they may have a more extensive type of that
particular crack tooth.

● You will suffer from pain while eating, chewing, or biting
● Swollen gums around the cracked tooth
● Teeth become sensitive suddenly to too hot and cold water
● Slight pain around your mouth area
● Discomfort around the teeth and gums that is hard to pinpoint

Causes of the Cracked Teeth

There are a variety of issues and causes of the cracked tooth that are as follows:

  1. Craze Lines: You might have heard about the crack lines. Crack lines usually appear in the
    enamel of the teeth. It won’t be painful and hence the treatment is not needed.
  2. Fractured Cusp: This occurs around the dental filling. It usually doesn’t require a pulp of
    the tooth and results in causing much pain.
    Treatment for Crack Tooth
    Treatment varies from person to person for the cracked tooth and totally depends upon the
    symptoms, size, and location whether the crack extends up to the gum line or not. Do visit your
    dentist if you are facing any kind of issue related to a cracked tooth. You might feel pain,
    swelling in your mouth, and discomfort.
    Though there are many methods that the dentist uses at Prodental, it depends on your tooth
    condition. The prompt treatment at Prodental can save your tooth and prevent it from getting
    damaged on an immediate basis. Book your appointment now with us

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