For many people, going to the dentist can be a stressful and anxiety-producing experience. While it is important to take care of your teeth, dental appointments can be daunting for those who are anxious or have had negative experiences in the past. Fortunately, there are steps you can take and resources available to make your next trip to the dentist easier and less stressful.

Signs and Symptoms of Dental Anxiety:

If you suffer from Dental anxiety, you may notice the following symptoms when faced with attending a Dental appointment:

● Sweating ● Fainting
● Low blood pressure ● Heart palpitations
● Feeling stressed, crying ● Panic attacks
● Missing dental appointments purposely

Why are we scared of the dentist?

There are many reasons why some people experience dental anxiety. Some of the common reasons include:

● A previous traumatic experience
● An existing trauma to you neck or head area ● Concerns for your personal space and privacy ● A generalized anxiety disorders
● Trust issues or a fear

What Can You Do to Help Calm Yourself at the Dentist?

Talk To Your Dentist

Communication is key when it comes to reducing anxiety at the dentist. Before your appointment, talk with your dentist about any worries or concerns you may have. Let them

know if there are certain aspects of the procedure that make you particularly uneasy and allow them to explain everything in detail so you understand exactly what’s happening.

Additionally, ask about their policies regarding pain relief options such as sedation dentistry so that you feel more comfortable throughout the entire process.

Maintain Regular Appointments

One of the best ways to reduce dental anxiety is by attending regular cleanings and checkups. Not only will this help ensure that any potential issues are caught early on, but it will also help get you used to being in a dental chair. The more familiar you become with routine visits, the less overwhelming they will feel when it comes time for a more intensive procedure such as a root canal or crown fitting.

Take Time To Relax

Before heading into your appointment try taking some time for yourself beforehand. Whether this means taking a hot bath, meditating, listening to music or stretching, doing something calming can help ease some of the tension associated with dental visits and put you in a relaxed mindset before arriving at your appointment.


Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be an overwhelmingly stressful event! By communicating openly with your local dentist and taking time out for self-care prior to each visit, you can greatly reduce any feelings of fear or anxiety associated with dental appointments. With this advice in mind and some support from our team here at Prodental Clinic, we hope that patients feel more empowered when it comes time for their next scheduled cleaning!

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