With the various advances in technology, every aspect of science has gained tremendously. Accordingly, dentistry is being blessed with its own surging levels of dental advancements that make things a lot easier for both the dentist and the patient.

With the objective of providing high quality and effective oral care, Prodental Clinic Baulkham Hills has built a legacy of being a hub for the best dental care in Sydney through its many years of experience. In keeping up with the ever-accelerating advances in dentistry, Prodental also provides laser dentistry to facilitate dental care at its highest standards in Sydney and throughout NSW. 

What is Laser Dentistry?

One of the main reasons people hesitate to go to the dentist is the belief that dental procedures are extremely painful. While some dental cases can be painful to some extent, most of them are just uncomfortable by nature. As such, your dentists do everything they can to make the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible.

However, the shadow of doubt continues to exist. And we understand!

Laser dentistry gives us the luxury to perform easy to complex dental procedures without damaging any of the soft tissues in your oral cavity. As such, our laser dentistry treatment consists of the employment of Soft Tissue Lasers that serve the intended purpose of painless and hassle-free dental procedures perfectly. 

The laser is projected as a high-intensity beam of light that can reach the narrowest corners in your mouth. Since lasers are very specific with regards to the wavelength of the beam, there is a different laser for each and every dental procedure. Painless, simple and noiseless, laser dentistry is a hot favorite of people in Sydney! 

Applications of Laser Dentistry

You must be wondering about what laser dentistry is used for? Well, you would be surprised by the sheer versatility of laser dentistry at Prodental Clinic Baulkham Hills! 

Dental Diagnosis

Using a special, we detect signs of decay including those that are difficult to find by using conventional methods. 

Periodontal cases

Gum disease is one of the most common issues our dentists come across. It leads to oral issues such as bad breath, weak gums and loss of teeth. Due to the bacterial nature of gum disease, it can even be dangerous for your heart as you run the rink of bacteria being transported into your heart. 

Gum disease can end up becoming very severe and turn into a challenging situation even for a periodontist. This ends up being painful, tedious and expensive. With the advent of laser dentistry, you can find an easy, affordable and hassle-free gum treatment at Baulkham Hills, Sydney through our expert laser dentistry services. 

Root canal treatment (RCT)

Laser dentistry is appropriate for getting to the bacteria which are responsible for infection in the root canals. In fact, dental lasers deal with root canals more effectively than conventional root canal treatment methods! The dental laser reaches places within your tooth that are not possible by regular RCT. Not only does the laser thoroughly clean the deep infected areas but it also sterilizes the area, thereby facilitating the overall root canal treatment procedure.

Soft tissue surgery

One of the biggest draws in opting for laser dentistry lies in the fact that the dental laser is painless and does not harm the soft tissue in your mouth. Therefore, laser dentistry is the unanimous choice for soft tissue surgery cases such as gum lifting, gingivitis, and removal of oral tumors. 

Various surgical procedures

As mentioned, dental lasers deep clean the affected areas and also sterilizes them. As such, laser dentistry performs double duty in effectively dealing with any dental surgery while being painless and simple. 

We have always been passionate about seeing every person in Sydney smile to the brightest. So if there is anything that is robbing that beautiful smile off you, Prodental Clinic leaves no stone unturned in providing the most advanced and best laser dentistry in NSW. 

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Advanced Laser Dentistry at its best! 

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