What harms our teeth?

Majority of us grind and clench teeth from time to time. Occasional grinding doesn’t harm as much but regular grinding can be very detrimental for our teeth.

Clenching of teeth during the day can be controlled by using behavior modification techniques but those who clench their teeth at night, do
not have any control over themselves.

It is important to understand that teeth clenching or bruxism can have negative effects on your mental health.

Bruxism happens during the day too but it is quite different from what happens at night.

While sleeping and when a person is not aware of what is
happening, bruxism leads to a large amount of force being placed on the jaws and in turn causes jaw pain, jaw dysfunction and fatigue.

Advantages of dental night guards for Bruxism :-

1) Protects teeth from damage –

A dental night guard protects the teeth by cushioning the effects of clenching while sleeping.

Along with this, the night guard prevents teeth from chipping and getting worn out.

2) Prevents jaw pain and headaches –

Bruxism at night causes a lot of stress on the jaw therefore many people suffer from ongoing jaw pain which might eventually lead to headaches or even migraine, making it difficult for them to go about their regular daily

3) Support a good night’s sleep –

Clenching of teeth can result in disturbed sleep, therefore a dental night guard will ensure a good nights sleep.

The reason being that the night guard tends to take the brunt of the force of clenching as its main purpose is to keep muscles relaxed during sleep.

After going through all the above mentioned advantages of using a dental night guard for Bruxism and if you feel a dental night guard can help you to cure the condition or provide some relief, then
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