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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease means inflammation that surrounds your tooth with bacteria and various other
infections. Microorganisms such as bacteria tested to the tooth and its surface or surrounding
the tooth multiply as the immune system reacts and toxins release inflammation.

If they are left untreated, it might result in various health issues. For instance: heart attack,
stroke, and other heart problems. Bacterial plaque, the colorless membrane that develops over
the surface of teeth, is the common cause of bacteria periodontal disease.

In case of plaque is not removed, you might face issues with tartar and calculus.
It is a serious infection in the gum caused by bacteria that have been allowed to accumulate and
damage your teeth and bones. However, if treated well, it can prevent teeth from getting

Stages of Periodontitis

Periodontitis starts from inflammation and can worsen the situation:

● Inflammation

Periodontitis begins with inflammation which is an early sign. In your gums, it can cause
gingivitis. One of the best signs of gingivitis is when you floss your teeth, the gums bleed, or you
can see discoloration at brushing. Hence, the leftover food in your mouth can cause damage.

Thus every dentist recommends brushing and flossing properly. All the bacteria always present
in your mouth can become harmful when condition allows them to increase drastically.

● Periodontal Disease Early Signs

Your gum receives the early signs in terms of small pocket form that causes breakage and
damages your teeth. The pocket harbors harmful bacteria and can cause infection in your gums.

You will likely notice bleeding during brushing, flossing, and possibly bone that irritates your
mouth area.

● Periodontal Disease at Moderate Level

If left, progress to moderate periodontal disease you might experience around your mouth or
gums area.

People begin to lose bone support as it makes the tooth looser. The infection can cause an Infinity response throughout the body.

Common Symptoms of Periodontitis Noticed by Patients

The symptoms depend on the stage of the disease but generally include some of the common
problems. And the symptoms are as follows:

These are some of the symptoms at an early stage. Some of you might notice the issue while
you are suffering from periodontitis.

How Is It Diagnosed?

In case, you have detected the signs of periodontal at an early stage. You should look for a
routine dental examination with your dentist. They can monitor your status over time to make
sure that your tooth situation doesn’t get worse. That is why you must visit a dentist regularly
for screening purposes.

Dentists generally use a tiny ruler called a probe to measure the pocket initiated in your gums.
This process is painless and doesn’t cause any damage.

Periodontal Disease: Complications and Reasoning

If they are untreated, the supporting structures of the teeth, including the bones of the jaw.
Your teeth loosen and might fall out or require extraction. The complications should be treated

Treatment aims to remove the plaque from your tooth that causes bacterial issues. Hence,
prevents your teeth from getting damaged. Your dentist will advise you to use brushes and then
floss properly and may recommend some oral hygiene products like water pick or mouthwash.


It can be stopped if treatment is typically very successful. If you have a period of tested regular
follow-ups with a dentist, place an essential tool in it. If you are looking for the best dentist,
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