Keeping your children’s teeth healthy certainly implies more than just daily brushing. You might be surprised to find the doctor questioning you about your water supply whilst examining your child’s teeth during a routine child dentist checkup.

That’s because fluoride –  an element found naturally in water seeks to play a preventive role in tooth decay and cavity formation.

But how much fluoride do children actually need?

The debate about – whether or not it should be mixed with water has burned for the better part of a century. While the policy is neglected by politicians and public health bodies, it falls on parents to make sure their children are taking the right amount of fluoride for nourishing healthy teeth and gums.

To make it easy for you, the Prodental’s child dentist in Baulkham Hills explains to you the very concept behind fluoride and its effects on your children’s health.

Fluoride, facts –

  1. Fluoride is highly abundant – found in air, water, and even everyday food. Not only does it strengthen the tooth enamel but also builds up its resistance power to decay.
  2. Fluoride aids in developing a stronger covering of enamel called ‘ fluorapatite’ – is more resistant to decay than teeth that haven’t been exposed to fluoride.
  3. Fluoride is super essential for young children – whose teeth just show, fresh teeth are at a higher risk of decay.
  4. The acid produced by bacteria in plaque is kept from dissolving or demineralizing the enamel (the hard and shiny substance that forms the shield of the tooth) because of the presence of fluoride.
  5. If an excess fluoride is taken while the adult teeth are erupting ( generally, before the age of 8) it can result in a condition called – fluorosis, which can further mottle the teeth.

We advise you to supervise your child’s daily brushing habit and use the right toothpaste. Let’s see what the Prodental’s child dentist in Baulkham hills has to say about your child’s fluoride needs. Usually, kids under the age of 6 do not require fluoride supplements. However, your child’s routine checkup with a child dentist in Baulkham Hills can provide you with a great chance to discuss your child’s fluoride supplementation.

If you happen to live in a non-fluoridated area, your child dentist would advise fluoride drops, tablets, or minerals after your baby turns six. The dosage totally depends on your child’s age and the amount of fluoride present in your water supply.

Here are some tips from our child dentists at Baulkham Hills that could come in handy-

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