Who doesn’t want a brighter smile?

Nothing could ever compare to the natural cram and charisma brought in a person by his/her smile!

Not just old age but daily and heavy consumption of coffee, wine, and tea are often regarded as teeth yellowing factors.

Nowadays, teeth whitening solutions in Baulkham Hills are an everyday practice at dental clinics, but, Often with teeth whitening comes the downfall of tooth sensitivity.

But, at Prodental, we deeply resonate with the concern of our patients and strive to offer them the best-advanced teeth whitening solutions in Baulkham Hills.

After all, we care about our patients.

We use one of the most innovative teeth whitening tools and processes currently available i.e. Boost.

Well, guess what? Often the sensitivity of the tooth is not present at all!

Now, let’s try to understand the procedure of teeth whitening a little closely.

To lighten the appearance of marks on your teeth, teeth whitening includes using bleaching chemicals. Carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are two main chemical agents used in the

teeth whitening process in Baulkham Hills.

Our tooth enamel is penetrated by these bleaching chemicals and a chemical reaction is likely to occur. The compounds that caused the discoloration are broken down by this reaction.

The substances used by dentists are always the same, but what counts is to set off the chemical response’ in different ways.

This is how the sensitivity of the tooth comes in.

Boost For Teeth that are Sensitive

Boost is regarded as one of the most sophisticated smile whitening techniques currently available in Baulkham Hills.

It has fewer side effects like less sensitivity and is awarded the most long-lasting outcomes.

Including the fact that it is the most pain-free teeth whitening professional model available.

During and after surgery, why does Boost result in reduced irritation to the tooth? Since, as opposed to a photothermal reaction, it causes a photochemical reaction.

In combination with a red whitening cream, it utilizes green light (matched to the sunlight spectrum). Complementary colors include red and green.

Thus, the photo-chemical reaction between them results in a mechanism of whitening of the non-acidic tooth.

A system that neither needs nor generates heat. As a consequence, the enamel on the teeth does not dehydrate or demineralize.

They tell suffering is beauty. Not always, though! There is a solution to professional whitening of teeth for sensitive teeth, as you can see.

A choice for teeth whitening with less sensitivity is the Boost method. It has also shown longer-lasting outcomes.

And in under few hours, you can leave the dentist with your rejuvenated, radiant smile on your face!

You know all about the healthy and pain-free method of teeth whitening in Baulkham Hills now!

At Prodental, our head doctor, Dr. Helen Lee has been following her passion for helping patients achieve the best dental and oral health possible for well over a decade in Sydney.

She has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge through working in several public and private dental practices, including the Royal North Shore hospital, Lithgow, and Sydney CDB.

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