Relation between Stress – Anxiety and Dentist-

Well, about one in six Australian adults are affected by dental anxiety and one in ten children are triggered by the same.

Around 5% of the Australian population suffers from dental phobia, which is an extreme fear of teeth that has the potential to affect one’s life in a major way.

People with serious dental anxiety often postpone or stop going to the dentist, putting their oral health at risk.

However, avoiding the dentist may raise the risk of a problem occurring because routine check-ups help the dentist to identify symptoms of oral health issues early when they could be easier to handle.

We want your visit to Prodental to be as good as possible. Our goal is to make your cleanings and appointments as painless as possible by explaining treatments, providing top-notch services, and employing sedation dentistry.

Perhaps more, our team of dentists in Baulkham Hills goes beyond and beyond to look after our patients and make them feel comfortable.

Here are few tips that assist people with Dental Anxiety – There plenty of successful strategies to alleviate your fear and anxiety, you just have to find the one strategy — or combination of strategies — that works best for you.

● Communicate

One of the simplest and best ways to put one’s anxieties to rest is to be open and honest with the dentist.

At Prodental, It’s often that the patients get nervous or anxious, but our super amicable team of dentists in Baulkham Hills take time to strip the unknown out of the equation from every aspect of the therapy.

We believe that the patients are less likely to get nervous when feeling conscious and in charge.

● Keep Someone at Your Side

This strategy works really well with the children. Having someone at your side could automatically feel reassuring and calm.

Next time, you visit a dentist in Baulkham Hills, may try taking someone trustworthy with you?

● Avoid Coffee or Excess of Sleep

Before visiting your dentist in Baulkham Hills, it’s completely inadvisable to drink too much coffee or sleep too much before meeting your dentist in the Baulkham Hills.

Skip caffeine, since it can make you feel nervous and aggravate your anxious feelings. Children, as well as adults, can also skip sucrose items that could place one on the rim.

You must eat a high-protein snack, such as plain yogurt, before your visit, since food with high protein can have a soothing effect.

● Distractions Might Help

Distractions work for everyone. From children to adults, it’s the most simple strategy to keep the mind off certain things.

You could ask your dentist to put on some calm music, or some TV show facing your chair.

Not only, it would slow down the sound of the drill but also help you relax.

Set Expectations with Prodental!

At Prodental, our head doctor, Dr. Helen Lee has been following her passion for helping patients achieve the best dental and oral health possible for well over a decade in Sydney.

She has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge through working in several public and private dental practices, including the Royal North Shore hospital, Lithgow, and Sydney CDB.

Moreover, our team of dentists in Baulkham Hills wishes to make the patients feel as comfortable as possible, we don’t want to push patients with treatments that they’re not ready for; we encourage our patients to share their questions, worries, and procedural doubts.