Do you know?

Well, do you even have the slightest bit of hint that your teeth are always in a constant move?

Yeah, yeah, even after pressing your tongue against the teeth, they don’t seem to bulge (until and unless there’s a problem with your teeth) but that’s not the only reality!

Your teeth will continue to shift even though you have had braces or other dental work on your teeth .

This is because of several reasons, including:

● Your jaw’s changing form as you get older.
● The habit of eating and talking underlines pressure on your teeth.
● After orthodontic work, the teeth revert to their normal locations.
● Some potential health conditions such as gum or scraping of teeth.

You should take a few precautions to keep the teeth in good order.
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Read on to find out your teeth move and what you should do to avoid movement.

1. Orthodontic Procedures

Your teeth have been shifted from their original positions incise you have undergone braces or other orthodontic treatments for corrected tooth alignment.

Also, with your braces off, your teeth can start moving back to their old positions if you avoid using alignment panels like Invisalign.

However, in some people, the same trend can be more pronounced while in others, it can be very sparse.

Another factor that might get the teeth to adopt shifting practice is one’s gum and jawbone health.

Hence, if bone deterioration has arisen as a result of gum disease or another health issue, it may be more difficult for your teeth to remain anchored in place until your braces are removed.

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2.Tooth Removal

A removed tooth encourages the surrounding tooth to fill the vacant gap and thus, shifting occurs.

However, the loss of wisdom teeth does not cause serious issues.

Some people get along better despite getting their wisdom teeth or other rear molars were taken out during their lives.

The chance is higher where a canine tooth or incisor is lost.

In this new area left by the extraction, the teeth on each side will turn into one another.

Replacement of damaged teeth with dental implants or a bridge that bridges the gap created by the missing tooth or teeth is the safest way to prevent this issue.

Talking about tooth extraction? At Prodental, we do simple extractions for children’s teeth, braces purpose, and more complex extractions involving wisdom teeth and surgical extractions.

To fight against anxiety and for the best treatment outcome, we offer disposable nitrous gas and IV sedation with an anesthetist in case of complex procedures.

3. Jawbone Growth

Your jawbone moves forward and is likely to get narrowed as you get older.

Your lower teeth tend to become more crowded and the shift in your upper teeth appears due to the difference in your bottom teeth over time, affecting your bite.

No action may be required because the modifications found are very minor. However, to fix their bite, certain people might need teeth extraction, bridgework, or implants.

Other reasons that constitute teeth shifting are – teeth grinding, gum diseases, and CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure).

How Can You Prevent Teeth Movement?

After the patient gets his/her braces removed, dentists in Baulkham Hills suggest wearing a retainer for as long as possible during day and night.

This will not only help the newly aligned teeth to keep in position but prevent movement.

However, at Prodental, our dentists in Baulkham Hills also recommend permanent retainers which are comparatively better in keeping the teeth aligned and should be weighed as the primary treatment after getting done with the braces.

It’s a high chance that people are not even aware of their teeth grinding habit which majorly constitutes the teeth shifting problem.

But, no worries, our supremely qualified and amicable dentist in Baulkham Hills is happy to provide you with the best possible solutions to this habit.

For instance, a mouth guard at night might do the thing. And when it comes to dental hygiene (which also causes teeth shifting), there are no better mentors than our dentists in Baulkham Hills!

Connect with us to gain access to some of the important dental hygiene tips and if it’s the case of gum disease, it might require regular dental visits for further treatment.

Our services include-

A six-monthly check up & clean. Not only will your teeth and gums feel polished and fresh, but it also gives our dentists in Baulkham Hills the chance to spot any other problems, like tooth decay, so they can be addressed early with the least amount of fuss and cost.

Our checks up & clean includes:

● A comprehensive dental exam
● Oral hygiene clean and polish
● Fluoride treatment
● Intraoral photos and x-rays