All of us are a little fascinated with Botox injections. We see it in movies; we hear about it in conversations, gossip columns are writing about some celebrity getting Botox every second day.

At least some of us have wondered why dentists administer Botox and other non-wrinkle injections. Are they qualified to do that? What are the drawbacks and benefits?

Here is everything you wanted to ask.

Botox simply means injecting a unified form of botulinum toxin A, (this also indicates that there’s no botulism risk when administered by an expert with caution.) They work by blocking the nerves that contract muscles, softening the appearance of wrinkles.

This has been an essential part of the beauty community for a while. They are an excellent treatment, especially when your fine lines and wrinkles have not really set in. Across Australia, anti-wrinkle injections are continuing to gain popularity.

In the last few years, it has become the most popular cosmetic procedure. According to the latest data by Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia, “52% of Australians were worried about the physical signs of ageing, with wrinkles being the biggest concern”.

Why do dentists use it? Are they qualified?

Absolutely! Dentists are very qualified to provide muscle relaxant injections, and botox does fall under that category.  Dentists are trained to be facial anatomy experts with superior understanding. However, this is an elected training, which means it is up to a dentist if they want to receive training on this skill so that they can become an expert and administer this procedure.

Does Botox have non-cosmetic benefits?

Botox can have many benefits. Dentists use botox, which is essentially a muscle relaxant injection as a cure to many dental related issues. Teeth grinding is one such issue that can be resolved with muscle relaxant injection.

When someone administers this procedure, it relaxes the jaw, thus bringing down the pain caused by extreme-use. People with TMJ dysfunction, Bruxism and Gummy smile amongst many other issues can benefit from muscle relaxant injections

How are these treated?

TMJ dysfunction is a dental condition that causes pain and impairment in the jaw joint, along with the muscles around it. Patients who are suffering from this condition often have to deal with symptoms like muscle spasms, pain and the inability to open one’s mouth fully.  As a condition, this also affects their everyday life drastically. This often leads to stress and headaches around the joint, migraines and earaches.

Bruxism is in more layman terms simply means teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Plenty of people around us deal with this at night, especially when they are asleep, some have it even during daytime. This is caused by the extreme use of masseter muscle, which is the reason behind the jaw pain. The masseter muscle is the body part that helps us with biting and contracts at the back of the jaw when you bite.

This condition will also often result in wearing down of teeth causing sensitivity, flattening or chipping of teeth, loss of tooth enamel, trouble chewing and more evidently, facial differences. Anti-wrinkle injections soothe and weaken the masseter muscle, which reduces all kinds of pain caused by the muscle. At the same time, the ability to chew and facial structure are not affected by this injection. It is a win-win.

A gummy smile is a very common phenomenon and we have all seen a smile that displays excessive gum tissue. Muscle relaxant injections could be quite helpful. These procedures are done on the upper lip, thus rendering the muscles weaker. This stops the individual from raising the upper lip excessively. This helps reduce the visibility of gums. Similar to the way it impacts Bruxism, the ability to chew and facial structure are not affected by this injection.

If you are someone who wants to heal your gummy smiles, bruxism and TMJ dysfunction, it will be extremely beneficial for you to get a muscle relaxant injection. Apart from these issues causing some kind of facial disfiguration, they are also medically relevant and in some way, can hinder your day to day life, A gummy smile or dented teeth can absolutely take away from your confidence. It is normal for you to want to resolve these problems.

So irrespective of whether you want a fresh, rejuvenated face or tackle a habit of grinding your teeth or get relief from constant jaw pain, Botox and other non-wrinkle injections can be quite helpful.