7 benefits of having a family dentist on dial-in Baulkham Hills!

Having dental issues that require an emergency dentist visit is never an adventure anyone looks forward to. The fact remains, emergencies cannot be solved sitting at home. Getting an appointment with an emergency dentist or a family dentist is the best way you can save yourself from spending hours in excruciating pain and avail instant relief without spending precious time explaining a new dentist about your dental history.

What makes Family Dentist so special? 

The fact that they have every information noted and stored about you that will play a vital role in case of a dental emergency.

Prodental Baulkham Hills has been a family dentist to many families ever since we established ourselves. The faith our patients have shown in our efficiency, methods, and staff is incredible. We are always motivated to provide the best dental services anyone can get in Australia.

The advantages of having a family dentist are many, not only do they know about your entire medical history but they also are always ready to handle medical conditions concerning you.

Today, we talk about reasons to consult a family dentistry specialist Prodental Clinic right now! 

Here are the 7 incredible benefits of having a family dentist that you just cannot ignore! 

A family dentist will always have high safety regards based on history

Medical histories are always considered when someone is bought into the clinic in case of a dental emergency. Without knowing about medical emergencies, many doctors hesitate to operate on the patient. The biggest advantage of having a family dentist is that they know how to safely handle your particular case considering the medical conditions and history that associates with you. This virtue eliminates any risks that may relate to the emergency case. Also, knowing your history helps the dentist determine which is the safest procedure to follow that will have no serious repercussions.

You know their licenses 

Your comfort and trust in the dentist are important. By knowing their licenses and specialisations , you know which situation they will be able to handle the best. This also opens doors for you to recommend your family dentists to relatives and friends.

Moreover, knowing their licenses help you determine if your dentist can handle oral health-related issues as well. If you are undergoing treatments concerning your face, mouth, and neck, you may even consider your dentist to get a new perspective on the situation.

They have an office location you can access

Knowing an address eases the effort of traveling. Your family dentist’s face location is where you will land whenever a toothache or any other dental issues start bothering you. The biggest perk of having a doctor is that you can ring them and set an appointment. You know which branch offers particular procedures and why it will be in your best interest to either go by car, cab or public transportation as few procedures require you to rest and not indulge in traveling immediately. Also, an office location has opening hours that you can recommend to your family and friends in case they are in need. Navigation becomes simple and lesser time-consuming.

Family dentists and clinics know about your medical history: from A to Z

Aside from performing routine check-ups and suggesting ways to keep your oral hygiene in check, a family dentist does more than you think you. By making notes of your medical history, they also assess the chances of you getting medical conditions like oral cancer, diabetes, temporomandibular disorder (TMD), thyroid problems, HIV/AIDS, iron deficiency, eating disorders and even leukemia. Such an all-round and routine analysis gives time and opportunity to act on the illnesses at the earliest.

A family dentist has various patient insurance financing options

Financing a dental procedure may strain your pockets. Many a time people prefer plucking their problem tooth out instead of treating it because the treatment will cross their budget. The biggest advantage of having a family dentist is that they offer insurance and financing options that are most practical and suitable for your budget. This helps in planning which treatment should be done with a precisely estimated budget. Moreover, by having an open conversation with the dentist about your oral health condition and insurances will help them recommend the most feasible and the best in class dental solutions. Usually, the family dentist may collect the procedure charges in the form of cash, cheques, by major card and through insurances.

They schedule your appointment in advance

Time is precious and no one likes to spend ‘precious’ in the clinic waiting area. Having a family dentist you can speak to the way in advance and set up an appointment. This lets you decide on the schedule and also prepare in advance for the treatment. Scheduling an appointment also allows you to decide which time of the day the appointment must be set.

You know the dental procedure they offer

Having a headache and making an appointment with a gynecologist for a check-up will not do any good to you. So while it is important to know which doctor to go to, it is also important to know what your doctor offers. A dentist usually treats a variety of medical cases that are either directly related to oral health or have symptoms that start showing right from the mouth. So, while you are at the family dental clinic for a routine check-up, the doctor may even check for traces of symptoms of illnesses like oral cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems and even eating disorders. What concentrates their diagnosis is the fact that they are aware of your medical history and are certain about your probability of developing certain illnesses and they actually look for its early developmental traces whenever you are in the clinic for a regular check-up.


The perks of having a family dentist in your contact list are huge. You not only know a person who can treat oral conditions with perfection and knows your history but also provides a sense of comfort that eases the anxiety of being on the chair. While they know about what must be done to keep your health in check, they also offer practical financial solutions that will fit our budget and give successful results. Overall, having a family dentist is something every family in Australia should consider.

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