In a world where a person is viewed in all perspectives, how can you let bad breath, cavity ridden tooth and yellowness ruin your reputation in someone’s eyes? Not much is discussed about adult or child dental issues but let’s face it, such issues can be alarming. They can pull you down with pain and discomfort that no amount of aspirin will be able to fix.

Still, wondering why visiting a dentist is worth it? Prodental gives you 13 reasons why you should have an appointment with a dentist right now!

1. Your toothpaste needs time to work on your teeth

If you are someone who brushes their teeth in a hurry, then maybe you should reconsider your time management skills. Brushing in a hurry leaves no time for your toothpaste to act. Instead, dental experts suggest – you should spit out the foam and wait a minimum of half a minute before you rinse. By doing so, you are giving ample time for the toothpaste to act.

2. An electric toothbrush may save extra dental treatment charges.

Electric toothbrushes are designed to mimic the action of a professional dentistry cleaning procedure. The cleaning head of the brush might not reach below the gum but the controlled motions and cleaning action is any day better than traditional toothbrushes. An important factor you should consider while buying an electric toothbrush is the time period of guarantee and the head replacement options.

3. Dental reason to quit smoking

It is a known fact that cigarette smoking causes the yellowing of teeth. This happens due to the presence of nicotine and tar in cigarettes that make your teeth yellow and rot your gums. Furthermore, smoking creates an ambiance for bacteria (and germs) and plaque to grow. Irrespective of how many times you brush in a day, one cigarette can reverse the effects. Also, the chemical substances present in tobacco can cause sores in the mouth which, when untreated, leads to cancer.

4. Report pain at the earliest

Toothache is not a common kind of pain. So, if your tooth is sensitive beyond normal and hurts even when you open your mouth, get an appointment with a dental professional at the earliest. Chances are high that the pain might be coming from a deeper issue.

5. Plaque is a real threat to your oral hygiene

Your teeth are always vulnerable to plaque. Plaque is defined as a soft and sticky deposition that houses many bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for causing tooth decay and gum diseases. Regular brushing and flossing can play a vital role in preventing the deposition of plaque. Schedule routine appointments with your dentist to keep control over the plaque.

6. Mouthwash is not as good as they claim it to be:

We often rely on using mouthwashes to quickly get rid of bad breath and for that wave for freshness. Almost all mouthwashes have alcohol as the main ingredient. This alcohol dries out the mouth and you feel fresh. What many people do not realize is the fact that once the mouth starts getting soaked in saliva, bacterial growth takes place in enormous numbers causing bad breath (way more strong this time) to return.

7. Angle your toothbrush handle

Brushing is not only about applying toothpaste on your brush and cleaning your teeth like they are walls. Some angled motions of the brush are necessary to achieve the most out of your toothpaste. As such, hold the brush at a 45-degree angle to the gum line and use a circular motion instead of to and fro motion. The pressure you are putting on your brush also plays a role – if the bristles are bending upon contact with your teeth, you are wearing out the enamel. Light brush strokes can take away fresh depositions of plaque.

8. Don’t blame the sugar alone for your cavities

It is a widely spread misconception that relates sugar and cavities. Although sugar does have involvement in cavity formation, it should not be blamed entirely. The decaying also happens when the body is not in good health. Therefore, it is important to plan a diet (take your doctor’s help) that is rich in nutrition, filers, and vitamins meanwhile, also controlling your sugar intake.

9. Your dentist is not just a dentist

Walking into a dental clinic will not only get you rid of tooth problems. A dentist is responsible to take notice and care of your overall oral hygiene. Most dentists are trained to handle cases of oral cancer. They can even tell you tips to maintain hygiene, pick the best toothpaste and toothbrush as well. Moreover, a dentist can perform procedures to correct your jaws.

10. Flossing is an important task without which your mornings are incomplete

Flossing is as important as brushing. No, they cannot switch roles and compensate for the absence of each other but they must co-exist together for better oral hygiene. However, you should take care to not floss your teeth too rigorously as excessive friction can cause damage and leave space for germs to grow. It is recommended that you pull out no more than two inches of floss, string it between your fingers and roll more for each tooth. The aim should is to take out plaque without harming the gum.

11. Smaller meals and frequent consumption of beverages can feed the bacteria in your mouth

If you are someone who snacks all day, then maybe it is time you put an end to that. Eating too often gives no rest to your mouth for rebalancing its pH levels. The food you eat is also consumed by the bacteria who work towards tooth decay by creating an acidic environment in your mouth. For beverages? Sip them all within 30 minutes, gargle and have water for the rest of the day. Soda is often considered to be bad for oral health, not for the sugar but because of the increase in acidity it causes.

12. Don’t worry about Amalgam poisoning

A small amount of mercury is indeed released by the amalgam filling in your mouth. This amount is very small and cannot cause poisoning of any sort. You might need to have at least 300 Amalgam fillings even to experience small scale toxicity.

13. A dentist can make your headache go away

Many times people do not realize that toothache and headache can be related. Every tooth has its roots that fall over the network of nerves. It is possible that misaligned teeth can be causing that aspirin (or coffee) immune migraine. Consult your dentist today to see if your headaches root from dental problems.

Feel like there is something that needs to be addressed? Talk to your doctor today! Get yourself regularly checked up to prevent any dental issues from taking control of your life