Root Canal Treatment – All You Need To Know

root canal treatment

Do you also imagine a lot of pain when you listen to Root Canal Treatment? Many people do the same. We all wish to have no issues with teeth and never want to visit the dental care centre. With a lot of variety of foods and germs around, the chances of visiting a dental specialist increases. These days, there are many tooth care services which makes you visit the centre often for maintaining a blooming smile on the face. The root canal is the part of your tooth system. The jaw teeth consist of crown and roots. Crown is the upper part of the gum while the root resides within the tooth. You need a root canal treatment when the nerve connected with the tooth is infected and pulp in the tip of the root also gets infected. This infection in the pulp can cause many other issues. Let’s understand everything about the root canal treatment and root canal treatment cost. 

How bad can roots get if this is not treated at the right time? 

Surprisingly, the nerve associated has no significant role to play in the functioning of a tooth. Basically, it just senses the hotness or coldness of the food. But an infected root can cause several other major issues for your health. Some of them are

  • Swelling in face, neck or near gums that can spread to more areas
  • Bone is also at risk of loss near the tip of the root
  • The infected nerve can cause a hole in the tooth leaking the liquid to cheeks or towards the skin. 

People with infection and reaching out to a dentist in later stages have suffered through severe consequences. Therefore, it is very important to know when is the right time to go for a dental checkup. After all, we all want to smile broadly with good looks. Let’s go through some of the very important symptoms 

Signs that you need a Root Canal Treatment

For obvious reasons, there would be pain but there are some specific symptoms which are responsible for this. Let’s go through them

  • Lingering Tooth Sensitivity. – The root is connected to the tooth and is responsible for sending brain signals for the temperature of the food. So, if you are experiencing that sometimes you don’t feel the cold or hot food and sometimes you do feel, that is called Lingering Tooth Sensitivity. 
  • Sharp pains. – Again, it is related to sensitivity. Sometimes, the affected root is hit during chewing of the food and the level of pain is far more than average pain. Sudden pains during chewing may be a sign of your tooths needing treatment. 
  • Pimples – Yeah, some of the patients start getting pimples around the Gums part. Look out for the pimples also. Generally, there are no pimples around the tooths part of the skin, but there may be other tooth problems if this happens.
  • Colour Change – Darkened gums or black colour change appears around the gums when root starts decaying. This leads to a colour change towards black from red. 

The Root Canal Procedure

The root canal treatment is associated with a nerve and therefore a normal or general dentist may not work for you. Even if you go to a general dentist, he refers the serious cases to an endodontist. An endodontist is an expert dentist with specialization in dental pulp and nerves. 

Step 1: X-Ray – To check the shape and situation of root canals and affected roots and bones around the decayed root, the dentist conducts an X-ray. You get anaesthesia which helps you numb the area around the decayed root or tooth. 

Step 2: Jamming Space – Dentist places a rubber jam around that area so that the saliva stays out of the affected area. 

Step 3: Drilling – The scariest step it sounds but it is the most important step. The dentist drills the tooth to reach out to the affected root and nerve. The pulp is removed, a nerve is removed. With help of root canal files, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned. There is little debris left which is essential to remove after cleaning. So, Sodium hypochlorite is used to spray along the sides to remove it. 

Step 4: Removing Infection – Dentist places a seal if he is confident enough that the infection has not been spread already. Sometimes dentists would leave it open for a weak and put medication there to encounter any kind of infection spread. 

Step 5: Final Filling – Depending upon the final situation of your tooth, the dentist would advise further appointments and meetings. If your tooth is damaged, then you also need separate filing inside and putting crown and post on the tooth. 

The Recovery Process and Tips to Heal Quickly

The root canal recovery process entirely depends on which stage you went to the dentist and how bad your tooth was. Generally, this is a widespread process and people go to offices, work and school just after it. Till a few hours, your tooth is in numbness but that can be encountered with medications. 

For quickly healing from the root canal treated tooth, do not chew from that particular side for a few days. It will give your new tooth crown to establish properly and kill off any bacteria present in it. In case you had severe pain during treatment, you need to take care of it more. Brush regularly and more often to remove the floss. But also use a medicated toothpaste that is advised by the dentist for the first 15 days after root canal treatment. 

Things to look out for after Root Canal Treatment

In rarest of the cases, the treatment does not end here. New infections come up after a day or a week or even after a month of the process. Some reasons for it are 

  • There were more root canals to complete but one or two got missed. 
  • An undetected fragile tooth may have more cracks but the side wasn’t checked properly. 
  • The filling breakdown inside the tooth and decayed root starts to affect the area. 

You can find almost everything about the root canal treatment. Now let’s discuss the root canal treatment cost. If we consider it comprehensively, the root canal treatment cost goes to $500 to $1000.
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