Orthodontics has become a common treatment for youngsters and adults looking to have straighter
teeth and a better smile. Orthodontics involves either fixed braces or clear aligners like Invisalign.
Apart from enhancement of appearance, there are so many other benefits that add to the
the popularity of Orthodontics.


Let’s look at the benefits of orthodontics:

  1. Improved bite – One of the major goals of Orthodontics is to align crooked teeth but along
    the way, they also help to correct poorly aligned bites. It helps the upper and lower jaw to fit
    together perfectly. If you have gaps in your bite because of poorly align teeth, it can have a
    huge impact on your ability to chew food properly.

  2. Improves jaw alignment – Do you know overcrowded teeth or jaw misalignment can cause
    major issues to your speech? Orthodontics works perfectly well by addressing both jaw and palate
    alignment that may cause problems to your speech. It can also help in better breathing, less snoring,
    and an improvement in your ear and sinus issues that can also be caused due to misalignment of the
    teeth and jaws.

  3. Improved oral care habits – Crowded and misaligned teeth are difficult to clean. There could
    be parts of some teeth that may be hiding behind each other, thus making flossing and cleaning
    tough. Improper cleaning of teeth can result in plaque buildup which may lead to gum disease and

  4. Renewed confidence – Better aligned and straighter teeth ensure overall success in life.
    Once you have straight teeth, you will not feel the need to hide your smile from people. This will
    lead to more happiness, greater productivity, less social anxiety, and ultimately better health.
    If you are thinking of improving your smile, please call Prodental on 9639 9555 to book your consultation
    appointment with Dr. Helen Lee.

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