Did you know every year millions of teeth injuries happen during contact sports? Injuries or
accidents that occur while you are playing a sport can be very distressing. Injuries due to contact
sports can cause damage to the soft tissue in the mouth like gum laceration or hard tissue injury like
chipped/broken teeth. For the well-being of your oral health, it is absolutely imperative to wear a
mouthguard while playing your favorite sport. A mouthguard is a vital piece of equipment
that helps to protect your teeth and mouth while playing.


Let us look at some of the benefits of custom fitting mouth guard:

  1. Protect your teeth – One of the biggest advantages of wearing a mouth guard during
    sporting activities is that it protects your teeth from damage. Broken, chipped, fractured or
    knocked-out teeth are the major injuries sustained during sports. Mouthguards work by
    protecting all this from happening and avoiding trauma to the teeth.
  2. Protect the soft tissues in the mouth – Any type of injury to your teeth leads to damage to
    the soft tissues in the mouth too. Therefore, the usage of a mouth guard will prevent
    damage to tissues of the lips, gums, cheeks, and tongue.
  3. Protect dental restorations – You need to be extra careful about your dental restorations
    while indulging in contact sports. Restorations such as fillings, crowns, and bridges
    can face damage if your mouth is hurt while playing. Wearing a mouth guard will
    reduce the impact during an accident and protect your dental restorations.
    Wearing a mouth guard during orthodontic treatment like fixed metal braces
    or clear aligners like Invisalign is highly recommended.
  4. Help to save money – If you avoid wearing a mouth guard during contact sports, then any
    kind of injury to the teeth or mouth will result in complex and expensive treatments. This hassle of
    spending more money can be prevented by wearing a mouthguard while playing.

    A properly fitted mouthguard will protect you from any kind of injury to your teeth or mouth while
    playing your favorite sport. We, at Prodental Clinic, offer health funds for mouth guards to
    encourage everyone to wear custom-fitting mouth guards. Contact us at 02 96399555 to book your
    appointment today.

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