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Dental Bridge – Types, procedure & cost

Oral health and wellbeing is a necessity in the present age and lifestyle. Even though we take care and precautionary measures toward our oral health, there’s only so much we can do.

Tooth decays, gum problems, discoloration etc., are some common dental problems we see nowadays. A cavity or tooth decay, gum disease or any underlying condition can affect the strength and durability of a tooth and may need extraction.

Missing tooth or teeth may seem normal but can cause serious problems and trauma to the mouth. It can cause the neighboring teeth to move or put extra strain and pressure on them leading to injury or trauma.

This is where Dental bridges come in handy. A dental bridge is basically bridging or placing a pontic (fake tooth) or teeth in the place of the missing tooth (gap) with the help of crowns supporting the fake tooth on either side by taking the support of abutment teeth (healthy teeth) on either sides of the gap.

However, the dentist makes the decision after doing a proper dental assessment of the individual, as every person has different oral health issues.

1. Traditional Dental Bridge
This is the most commonly and widely used procedure. In this method, a fake tooth is adhered to or held by crowns on both sides with the fake tooth in between. The crowns are placed on top of neighboring healthy teeth on both sides of the gap. To perform this procedure, we need neighboring teeth to be
strong to be able to support the fake tooth.

2. Maryland Dental Bridge

This is similar to that of a traditional bridge but has metal or porcelain framework or simply wings attached to the fake tooth. This framework is adhered to the back of the adjacent teeth with the help of resin. This method does not require shaving or remodeling of the neighboring teeth. However, this procedure is not recommended to everyone as for a person, to undergo this method of restoration, they must have very good oral health and strong teeth as there are no crowns supporting the fake tooth but the natural teeth.

3. Cantilever Dental Bridge

Cantilever bridge is similar to a traditional bridge as it needs only one crown to support it, instead of two. This method is not used commonly as a single crown may put strain on the abutment tooth and strength of the bridge and tooth may be compromised. In most cases it is used for the front teeth rather than the back.

4. Dental Bridge Implants

Dental bridge implants are one of the most approached procedures after traditional dental bridges. This involves placing dental implants in place of missing teeth. This is a surgical procedure and requires a healing period and is considered to be one of the most stable methods of tooth restoration.

All of the procedures depend on a Professional dentist’s recommendations and oral health of the patients.

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