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Do you have a missing or a failing tooth? Are you embarrassed to smile, can’t eat what you want or just hope to improve you’re the quality of life. At Prodental Clinic, we can restore your beautiful smile, give you the self-confidence you deserve and make you feel look better and younger with the help of Dental Implant.


1. Find the right and expert professionals:

Getting your dental implants placed is a complex and sensitive procedure, which culminates in actual oral surgery. The more experienced and efficient your dentist, the more chances there are that you will avoid any kind of mishaps. To ensure that for this second round, you find the best there is.

2. Superior quality materials:

The quality of the material that is used for your implants is extremely crucial. Low quality or cheaper products tend to reduce the longevity of the implant. Find a clinic and a group of experts that utilize the most advanced dental equipment and corrective materials to make sure that the high standards of the dental industry are met.

For instance, premium quality implants, like the ones used Prodental Clinic are built from high quality, strong titanium, a biocompatible metal which is known for its strength and ability to fuse well with jawbones without making you feel too uncomfortable. Sure, it is often scary to think about having an Implant made from an expensive metal, but these implants will be coated with a porcelain dental crown that not only appears but also feels to touch and functions similar to your original, natural tooth enamel.

3. Ensure longevity:

The reason why most people choose a dental implant, is its unmatched effectiveness. Most people cannot even tell them apart from your natural teeth. At the same time, you also need to ensure good dental hygiene to make sure that your implants stay intact for a long time.

4. It’s easy to fix:

Dental implants made of titanium has a tremendous success rate, irrespective of the age group its use. You can be a teenager, a young professional, a middle-aged person, a retiree or person receiving care services or nursing services, dental implants would work for you. .

5. Preventing Bone loss 

A dental implant is meant to control and reduce bone loss. They can work very similar to natural teeth and actually help the growth and healing of gums.

Prodental clinic is a clinic where talented professionals pleased to provide patients with dental implants as one of the most effective and reliable solutions for tooth loss. The dental implant is desirable because it is more permanent than alternative options, including dental bridges and dentures. The dental implant requires minimal special care to maintain and can work in favor of patients who may otherwise have difficulty maintaining dentures or bridges that are removable and require extra attention.

Dental implants also preserve bone structure, which reduces the risk of losing the dental implant or other surrounding teeth. When patients take into consideration the many advantages of dental implants, they are often excited to move forward with this treatment. Dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth, and are indistinguishable from the natural teeth in the smile. Patients can finally repair their smile to enjoy their favorite foods without having to worry about a denture falling out or becoming loose during a social event with friends and family.

Dental implants are highly desirable by patients seeking permanent repair to their smile.

Prodental Clinic

We welcome new and existing patients to contact us at 9639-9555 and speak to our team about the options available for a smile restoration following tooth loss. Dental implants are a highly recommended solution for many of our patients and are at the forefront of our practice’s mission and goals