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What is a mouthguard used for?

An essential component of excellent oral health is having healthy teeth. People with healthy teeth may eat, speak, and interact with others without experiencing any difficulty or shame. Everyone wishes they had teeth that were white, clean, free of cavities, and in good health.

A mouth guard is the greatest choice to protect your teeth and preserve your smile if you engage in high-impact sports like football or combat sports like boxing, have dental caries or engage in physical activity.

My dental health is good. Must I use a mouth guard?

People might think that a mouth guard might not be necessary for them since their teeth are in good condition. According to medical statistics, teens and children are more likely to get mouth and facial injuries as a result of participating in physical activities. An injury to the mouth or face is less likely if a mouthguard is used.

What is a mouthguard?

It is a dental appliance that shields the teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks from harm brought on by sports injuries. It shields our face and teeth from harm, much as a helmet guards against head injuries.

Anyone participating in any of the following activities has to wear a mouthguard:

Boxing | Wrestling | Cricket | Football | Soccer | Basketball | Field hockey | Ice hockey | Gymnastics | Skateboarding | Cycling | Volleyball | Softball

What are the benefits of using mouthguard?

Dental professionals advise everyone who engages in strenuous activity, such as sports, or any other activity that might potentially harm their teeth to wear a mouthguard. Because it affects their respiration and speech, some people find mouthguards to be unpleasant. However, here are the benefits of wearing

  1. Protecting cracked teeth
  2. Avoiding denture displacement
  3. Using mouthguards might help avoid teeth concussions.
  4. A fractured jaw can be avoided with the aid of mouthguards


Types of Mouthguard

The mouth guard that is ideal for you is one that your dentist has specially manufactured for your mouth. Wear a stock guard or a boil-and-bite guard from the pharmacy if you can’t afford a personalised mouthguard.

Custom-made: Made by your dentist these guards are tailored to each individual’s mouth and are more costly than the other types.

Boil and bite: These are available for purchase at several sports goods stores and drugstores and fit more comfortably than stock mouth guards. Thermoplastic is used to make the “boil and bite” mouth guard. After softening in hot water, it is put in the mouth and moulded to fit the teeth with the help of finger and tongue pressure.

Stock: These are reasonably priced and pre-formed, making them ready to wear. However, these might have an issue with fitting properly. And as a result, they may be difficult to speak and breathe through. Dentists advise against using them.

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