Night Guard and Bruxism

What harms our teeth? Majority of us grind and clench teeth from time to time. Occasional grinding doesn’t harm as much but regular grinding can be very detrimental for our teeth. Clenching of teeth during the day can be controlled by using behavior modification techniques but those who clench their teeth at night, do not … Continue reading “Night Guard and Bruxism”

A complete guide to Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry at Prodental Clinic- Our dental health is of extreme importance and for that we need to regularly visit our dentist for a routine cleaning procedure or anything else related to our mouth. Out of the many advanced dental procedures, laser dentistry is quickly becoming popular for various reasons. What is Laser Dentistry? As … Continue reading “A complete guide to Laser Dentistry”


Who doesn’t want a brighter smile? Nothing could ever compare to the natural cram and charisma brought in a person by his/her smile! Not just old age but daily and heavy consumption of coffee, wine, and tea are often regarded as teeth yellowing factors. Nowadays, teeth whitening solutions in Baulkham Hills are an everyday practice … Continue reading “PRODENTAL’S GUIDE TO TEETH WHITENING IN BAULKHAM HILLS”