Our Services

At Prodental Clinic, we offer a full range of general dentistry services, including fillings, crowns & bridges, dentures, general hygiene, and more. We also offer a range of cosmetic services. In addition to the services listed below, we provide custom mouth guards, gum treatment and emergency services.


Calcium and other substances from the saliva in your mouth continually bathe your teeth, helping to keep them strong. Whilst this is a good thing, over time it can lead to a build-up of plaque and hard deposits called tartar.

Tartar cannot be removed by brushing or flossing and if allowed to accumulate provides the ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive on the teeth and gums. If it’s not regularly removed by a dentist it can lead to gum disease and even tooth loss.

That’s why we recommend a six monthly check up & clean. Not only will your teeth and gums feel polished and fresh, it also gives our dentists the chance to spot any other problems, like tooth decay, so they can be addressed early with the least amount of fuss and cost.

Our new patient check up & clean includes:

  • A comprehensive dental exam
  • Oral hygiene clean and polish
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Intra oral photos and x-rays


Used as a highly effective means of restoring damaged, missing or weakened teeth, crowns and bridges can be an extremely successful treatment and can prove to be of great benefit in preventing teeth from additional weakening and damage by providing added strength and security.

A bridge restores an area that is missing a tooth or multiple teeth, by ‘bridging’ the gap with an artificial tooth that is anchored to the natural teeth on each side of the gap. It is permanently cemented in place. As with crowns, bridges are designed to complement your tooth’s natural colour and composition and are more comfortable than dentures.

All crowns and bridges are individually hand crafted and where porcelain is used, the effect is overwhelmingly natural in appearance. Prodental Clinic takes pride in delivering outstandingly natural looking teeth.


Snoring and sleep apnoea can have consequences for the body such as increased risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke or Snoring can also be a burden to your partner.

We provide "Mandibular Advancement Splints" that can help you alleviate the symptoms and improve quality of life.


We assess the changing needs of our growing patients. From teething babies to appearance conscious teenagers, we have the skills and knowledge to advise our families on the latest dental procedures and developments.

We provide your children with exceptional quality oral health care and strive to make this experience fun, easy and informative.

The Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) is a dental benefits program for eligible children aged 2-17 years that provides up to $1,000 in benefits to the child for basic dental services.

Services that may be eligible to receive a benefit under the program include:

  • Examinations
  • X-rays
  • Scale / Clean / Fluoride
  • Fissure Sealing
  • Fillings
  • Root Canals
  • Extractions

Many of these services have claiming restrictions. Please also note that the CDBS benefits are not available for orthodontic or cosmetic dental work.

For more detailed information about this scheme, please visit Department of Human Services website or feel free to contact us to book an appointment.

With qualified Oral surgeon and anaesthetist on site for wisdom teeth, sinus lift, multiple implants, gum treatments and all other areas of dentistry. Ideal for anxious patients or patient requiring complex dental work

  • We do simple extractions for children's teeth, braces purpose and more complex extractions involving wisdom teeth and surgical extractions.
  • To fight against anxiety and for best treatment outcome, we offer disposable nitrous gas and IV sedation with anaesthetist incase of complex procedures.
  • Using the latest resin bonding system, we offer conservative fillings from fissure sealants and preventative restorations to simple and complex restorations, replacement of amalgams and aesthetic composite resin fillings.
  • Indirect porcelain restorations are ideal choice for large fillings requiring smooth contact and enhanced aesthetics


Laser Dentistry is a modern technology that allows for better dental treatment outcomes. The benefits of Soft Tissue Laser in dentistry are:

  • Greater patient comfort
  • Improved healing response
  • Reduced trauma during dental treatment
  • Reduced bleeding and swelling

Soft Tissue Lasers can be used in various dental procedures including:

  • General Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry particularly associated with gum reshaping
  • Periodontal treatment – Soft tissue laser assists with the elimination of periodontal disease causing Bacteria
  • Soft tissue surgery such as gum lifting, removal of benign tumours and gingivectomy

Our dental hygienists will also provide you with easy-to-understand advice and information about at-home oral health care, so that you can keep your teeth healthy and prevent oral disease between appointments. Prevention and education are key roles of the dental assistants.

Full Services List

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • ZOOM and home whitening
  • Veneers
  • Invisible braces
  • Replacement of amalgam fillings to white resin fillings
  • Crowns and bridges

General Dentistry

  • Preventative, scaling and fillings
  • Bad breath management
  • Dental therapist oral hygiene demonstration & customised dental product recommendation
  • Emergency dentistry

Geriatric Dentistry

  • We understand that mature teeth need more conservative approach to dentistry and a modified treatment plan according to patient’s needs.

Major Dentistry

  • Braces
  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Implants
  • Root canal treatment
  • Crowns and bridges


  • Splints for night time grinding and joint pain
  • Sports guards
  • Bleaching trays
  • Protective trays
  • Retainers


  • Deep clean and maintenance
  • Effective treatment of gum infection
  • Oral hygiene demo and customised product recommendation
  • Laser treatment


  • Single and multiple Implants
  • Implant bridges
  • Mini - implants
  • Implant supported dentures
  • Bone graft


  • Full and partial dentures
  • No - clasp dentures
  • Flexible dentures
  • Implant supported dentures
  • Same day repair/ reline services


  • Traditional and ceramic braces
  • Invisalign and Truline braces
  • Plates for children
  • Partial braces
  • Adult cosmetic alignment/ fast braces
  • Fixed and removable type retainers

Wisdom Teeth & Extractions

  • Wisdom teeth
  • Surgical extractions
  • Extraction before braces

Children Dentistry

  • Clean, oral hygiene instructions with maintenance support
  • Root canal and stainless steel crowns on baby teeth
  • Fillings
  • Monitor jaw growth and development

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further the advantages of laser dentistry, please contact us here at Prodental Clinic. We will be more than happy to accommodate your queries.